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ACS Women

The ACS Women’s Board (ACSW) has representatives from each Australian state and territory. The Board takes an active role in promoting the interests of women working in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector as well as encouraging young women and girls to consider ICT as a viable, interesting and challenging career path, no matter where they live.
ACSW has access to a broad network of professionals, researchers and activities that can improve the opportunities for women in ICT.

ACSW advances the interests of women by actively contributing to public policy in the ICT industry.

Recent ACSW surveys have enabled policy makers to identify the needs of women in ICT and to offer support through professional development, seminars and workshops. The survey results have been referenced in conference presentations, journal articles and in professional publications.
If you'd like to contribute to our vibrant community of women in ICT, or if you simply want to be kept up to date on what is happening on a local and national level, please join us on LinkedIn and contact your local ACSW representative.

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