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ACS Women

ACS Women is run by a national board working to empower women, ACS members and the community of women engaged in the ICT sector  by:

  • influencing Government policies,
  • providing educational and networking opportunities and
  • by setting a strategic direction for the ACSW state and territory branches and chapters.

The main objectives of the ACSW board?

  1. To promote development and implementation of strategies to encourage the entry, development and retention of women in the ICT profession in Australia
  2. To develop and implement strategies to encourage recruitment, development and retention of women members of the ACS
  3. To prepare policy and position papers related to the participation of women in the Australian ICT profession
  4. To create links with other organisations involved in the education and support of women in the ICT profession and to provide leadership in cooperatives initiatives affecting women in ICT
  5. To advise the ACS and the ICT and professional community on “best practice” in relation to women in ICT
  6. To support ACSW representation on working parties, national and international standards and technical committees relating to ICT
  7. To cooperate with and advise ACS Boards, Branches, Committees and Special Interest Groups in areas relevant to women in ICT.

The ACS Women’s Board (ACSW) has representatives from each Australian state and territory. The Board takes an active role in promoting the interests of women working in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector as well as encouraging young women and girls to consider ICT as a viable, interesting and challenging career path, no matter where they live.
Please visit here for the contact details of your state’s representative.

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